Final Portfolio projects due tomorrow at midnight!


This is just a reminder that the due date for the final portfolio is closing soon (31st of August)! Please submit your final portfolios to the Google+ community by midnight on the 31st AEST. 

We can allow you until Friday (4th September) to complete the online form in Unit 4 on the
main course homepage for the Years 7 & 8 MOOC, to request your certificate of completion. The course materials will remain open until further notice (we will let you know if we temporarily close it down for update, based on your feedback, and re-release). 

If you need to get in contact with us regarding course submissions, don't hesitate to email us at cser@adelaide.edu.au 

Our goal is to see as many people go through this course as possible, so that you can mentor others and spread your enthusiasm for Computational Thinking and Digital Technologies education! 

We've loved seeing all the completed portfolios come through! If you are mid-way through another Stream, you will have the opportunity to continue and request a certificate in the next round. 

Kind regards,

The CSER Team

Project Streams - Now Open!


We would like to announce that the project streams are now open! 

We hope that you enjoy the project streams and find the resources useful. We look forward to having discussions and seeing the content shared in the Google+ community, along with your final Digital Portfolio products!

Wishing you all a nice weekend!

The CSER Team

Unit 3 "Next Steps" Now Open!


We would like to announce that Unit 3, "Next Steps", is now open!

In this unit, we explore the new concepts introduced from Year 7 and 8 in the Digital Technologies Curriculum. 

You will start to select the project stream that you would like to pursue in your professional learning. To help make your decision we have opened up the first 2 lessons of Unit 1 "Introduction" for all project streams to provide a "preview" of what the stream and topic is about. We hope this helps but you can change you mind at any time!

Next Friday, we will open up the project streams!

Remember, that this is a self-paced course that is open until the end of August. 

All the best,

The CSER Team



Dear All,

Welcome to the CSER Digital Technologies "Next Steps" MOOC! We would like to announce that Unit 1 and Unit 2 are now open for you to start working through.

We look forward to working with you all! If you have colleagues who might be interested in joining, it's not too late to let them know! 

Kind regards,

The CSER Team

MOOC Terms of Use


Terms of Use

It is important that you read and familiarise yourself with the course Terms of Use. Your enrolment in the CSER Digital Technologies MOOC course signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use, as specified below.

This course uses Course Builder, a Google-based platform, and a Google+ Community Page for the course. Please familiarise yourself with the Google Privacy Information and Terms of Service.

We use Google Analytics to broadly view participant engagement and use of the course, with the goal to evaluate and improve the course and future versions. We may invite you to voluntarily respond to questions about your experience in the course, however this is not obligatory, and you decision will not affect your enrolment in the course. If we share an evaluation of our course in a research paper so that others may learn from our course design, individuals and schools will not be identifiable, and any findings will be reported in a broad, general sense.

We respect your right to privacy and any information you provide directly to the CSER Group will not be sold or forwarded to any other organisations or individuals outside of the MOOC project. We will use your provided contact details to communicate with you about the course activities and announcements.

Please be mindful that we cannot ensure confidentiality for anything posted on the course forum or associated social media, as these are public sites. Please be mindful that the content you post may be viewed by the others and that you are solely responsible for the content you publish. For information about appropriate behaviour and use, please view the Google User Content and Conduct Policy.

The goal of this course is to support the professional development of teachers. All content produced by the CSER Group (unless otherwise stated by third-party websites and resources published by third-parties) is supported a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

By participating in the course, you agree that, any content you create and share for the course (unless developed by a third-party), is also under the same creative commons license. For more information the license, please visit the Creative Commons website. Additionally, please be mindful of content you post in the site and ensure that you do not infringe any copyright, licence or law. We are an education research group and we will be collecting data about participation or any surveys that you voluntarily submit. We may publish this research (without using names or identifiable information) in education research conferences and journals. This is to improve learning and teaching and professional development in K-12 Digital Technologies Education.

If you have questions about the terms of use, please contact Associate Professor Katrina Falkner at katrina.falkner@adelaide.edu.au.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the course cost me anything? 
No, this is a free course developed by the CSER Group at the University of Adelaide, with the kind support of Google and Digital Careers. We have also received feedback about early development from teachers, experts and organisations working in this space.

Where will the course be held? 
The course is completely online, hosted in Course Builder and the CSER Digital Technologies Google+ Page. You will be asked to select a Project Stream that interests you. You will then complete all the lessons within that Project Stream, in addition to the Introductory weeks and the Conclusion.

How much time will I need to invest? 
We have estimated between 2-3 hours per module and you can complete the lessons at a time that suits you. We realise teachers are pressed for time and want to make this work for you. You may work through modules at your own pace.

Will there be an assessment? 
For each lesson, you will be asked to complete a short sharing task and to add something to a Unit Portfolio. Final assessment will involve sharing your completed Portfolio that you have developed throughout the course. This will be peer-reviewed.

Will I receive recognition? 

Certification of completion can be achieved by completing course lessons and the Portfolio assessment.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at cser@adelaide.edu.au

Welcome to the CSER Next Steps MOOC for Digital Technologoes 7&8!


Welcome everyone to the next CSER MOOC!

In this course, we will build on the CSER Foundations-6 MOOC to explore example project ideas and classroom resources for teachers of 7&8. We will explore project ideas from a range of learning areas, and provide examples for both visual programming and general purpose programming languages. We will also connect you with online resources that you can use to help develop the skills you need, and also to local clubs programming competitions that can assist you.

We are looking forward to working with you as the course develops!

The CSER team